Part of Art Assets’ mission is to bring art into our everyday lives. To that end, we regularly commission artists to create site-specific installations on the balcony at our office. The balcony faces the Queensboro Bridge and the Roosevelt Island aerial tramway, providing artwork not only for ourselves, but also for the thousands of people crossing the bridge and tram every day.

July 2013: Kim Holleman

Ever since we hosted Kim Holleman’s Trailer Park for the Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk several years ago, we have been dreaming about working with her again. Part artist, part architect, part engineer, Kim creates environments that engulf the viewer in the most delightful way.  She creates vibrant other-worlds that can occupy any space from a table-top record to a courtyard. The thread through all of Kim’s work is superbly clear vision and meticulous execution.

The team at Art Assets is excited to present Kim’s Perfect Perch, a site-specific installation as part of The Balcony Project. With Perfect Perch, Kim has created a living environment—a nest within which two eggs glimmer—out of  materials that are quite un-alive. Canvas, cloth, and LED sway, glow, rustle and shimmer all through the day and night, just as a bird’s nest would in the forest.

Art Assets have become the mother bird: Tending the eggs, peeking out of the perch at the world beyond, and proudly strutting around our precious gifts.

From the Artist:

I am pleased to announce the commission of a site-specific installation for The Balcony Project at Art Assets.

The Balcony Project at Art Assets is a curated, rotating exhibition of artists, chosen to achieve a site-specific installation on the balcony which is located in full open view of the iconic 59th Street Bridge. I share the goal with Art Assets of “integrating innovative arts programming into alternative spaces.” One of the best views of this project is while driving over the Queensboro Bridge.

The architectural restrictions of the balcony provided a great challenge. I envisioned the balcony as a Perfect Perch for an urban nest—shaded from the sun by a colorful, hanging, kited wing that moves in the breeze.

By day, the metallic and orange wing takes center stage, but at night the eggs in the nest light up with multicolored lights, giving off a warm glow.

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