At Art Assets we offer a wide range of services to our clientele.


Our most popular service, ArtLease is an economical way to create a lasting and impactful art program. Leasing artwork, as opposed to buying it outright, has several benefits, such as: A smaller initial investment, the option to change the artwork as desired, the ability to adapt to changing trends or property renovations, and no need to worry about storage. ArtLease can be tailored to each Client’s unique needs, including the number of pieces, exhibition duration, etc.

Art Exhibitions

Art Exhibition is an ideal option for Clients who wish to make a big statement for a short period of time. A temporary exhibition is a distinguished way to engage the public, launch a new property, or add an interactive quality to a space.

Art Sales

We curate and facilitate the purchase and installation of both pre-existing and site-specific artworks. A permanent art installation can serve as a branding tool, a way-finding apparatus, enhances a property’s value, and gives tenants a sense of pride and ownership of the space.

Site Specific Commissions

In addition to selecting from existing works of art, Art Assets also facilitates the commission of site-specific artworks. Once an artist is chosen, we shepherd the work from conception to completion, overseeing every step of the process and directing communication between the artist, developers, architects, engineers, and designers.

Art Master Planning

Art Assets designs comprehensive plans to integrate artwork into parks, plazas, housing developments, and communities. We carefully consider budget, purpose, space and other practicalities, regional history, and community interests, to craft an Art Master Plan that enhances its surroundings and creates a new sense of community.


Talk about Turnkey! We do it all.

At Art Assets, we pride ourselves on providing Turnkey service to all our clients. In addition to our intellectual capital, we complete projects on time and within budget. Our Turnkey services include:

Curatorial Services

Art Assets takes into account the architecture, tenancy, and community to craft a meaningful art proposal tailored to each individual project, offering museum-quality artworks by internationally recognized artists and local, established artists. A variety of works in different media and scale are considered to provide a rich cultural context.

Legal Services

Art Assets negotiates all contracts and documents in order to acquire the selected works of art, including:

  • Contracts with artists.
  • Grant of rights.
  • Credit lines.
  • Insurance arrangements.
  • Transfer documents.
  • Artwork copyright.

Registration Services

Art Assets handles all registrar services, including:

  • Exhibition agreements.
  • Condition reports.
  • Checklists.

Wall Text & Labels

Art Assets provides explanatory wall text that offers context for the artwork in contemporary art practice. Art Assets also provides labels for individual pieces.


Art Assets provides “wall to wall” insurance provided by AXA Art Insurance Company of America.


Under the supervision of an Art Assets Curator, including:

  • Assembly and preparation.
  • Packing, handling and transportation.
  • Installation and de-installation.