Part of Art Assets’ mission is to bring art into our everyday lives. To that end, we regularly commission artists to create site-specific installations on the balcony at our office. The balcony faces the Queensboro Bridge and the Roosevelt Island aerial tramway, providing artwork not only for ourselves, but also for the thousands of people crossing the bridge and tram every day.

October 2017: Rachel Mica Weiss

Artist’s statement: My installation practice is rooted in the craft of weaving—its technical processes, historical uses, and relationships to architecture. Using an environment’s unique architectural elements as my framework, I create lurching architectural interventions that draw upon textiles’ historical use as a means to divide and control space. Hand-strung on site, in a fashion mimicking the warping of a loom, these diaphanous walls of tension confront the viewer with an unexpected strength: these super-saturated planes of color control viewers’ space and movements, engendering feelings of vulnerability and underscoring the laborious processes of their fabrication. By interrupting natural passageways or highlighting existing architectural elements, I aim to bring attention to the constraints within our physical and psychological spaces, and in so doing, shift them.

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