Part of Art Assets’ mission is to bring art into our everyday lives. To that end, we regularly commission artists to create site-specific installations on the balcony at our office. The balcony faces the Queensboro Bridge and the Roosevelt Island aerial tramway, providing artwork not only for ourselves, but also for the thousands of people crossing the bridge and tram every day.

April 2015: Fanny Allié

The team at Art Assets is excited to present Allié’s Sleeping Figure, a site-specific installation as part of The Balcony Project.

Fanny Allié has worked with us for Clients that include HFZ at 11 Beach Street in New York City.

To learn more about Allié, take a look below and visit her website at

From the Artist:

I am pleased to announce the commission of a site-specific installation for The Balcony Project at Art Assets.

For the Balcony Project, I created a site-specific neon installation representing the outline of my mother sleeping, her head resting on a pillow and her upper body facing the outside view.

The light figure is visible from the inside of the apartment and is appealing to riders using the Queensboro Bridge and the Roosevelt Island tramway. The neon sculpture seems to be floating in the dark, a ghostly feminine presence taking over the suspended structure. The balcony becomes a window on an intimate scene, a human presence sleeping or lying down.

The installation contributes in blurring the boundaries between private and public spaces. The balcony is the platform from which one can both observe and take part in the life of the outside world. When looking at an apartment building, one can notice that each balcony has its own life and its own stories to tell.

The balcony can be a stage where an ordinary daily life scene can take a new dramatic dimension or can trigger fictitious scenarios for those who observe it from a distance. The Hitchcock movie Rear Window was on my mind during the creative process. The sleeping figure will hopefully activate viewers’ imaginations and desire to make up their own stories.

Medium: neon light, wood
Dimensions: 53″ x 27″ x 1.5″