300 Madison Avenue | New York, NY

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Serena Bocchino

Project Brief

Lobby: The Lobby at 300 Madison Avenue provides a unique, strategic opportunity for PwC to communicate and expand its brand to reach the broad context of its global community and culture. Art Assets envisions the Lobby as a site for foresight research, a formidable toolbox for PwC’s futurists.

Art Assets proposes to cast PwC’s lobby as fruitful terrain to stage programmed exhibitions and special events that address today’s issues and challenges. Art practice dealing with emerging technologies, globalization, environment, and current issues will offer valuable insights and creative perspectives regarding emerging global trends. The Lobby can become a site of inspiration and destination that forges new critical connections.

Office Space: This curated selection will highlight PwC’s corporate culture, addressing themes of “Connected Thinking” while enhancing the interior décor and architectural design. Careful placement of artwork will provide wayfinding and impart a specific sense of place and identity to each area.

Artists List

Serena Bocchino
Yukari Edamitsu
Sally Egbert
Cara V. Enteles
Ronnie Landfield
Jill London
Edward Mapplethorpe
Nana Onishi
Daniel Terdoslavich
Donald Traver