525 West 52nd Street

525 West 52nd Street | New York, NY

For the residential property 525 West 52nd Street, Art Assets created an art program that weaves the narrative of the far west side and complements 525’s architectural design by Handel Architects. About the Property The architecture of 525 West 52 reflects the dramatic history of Hell’s Kitchen. Once used for farmland, the neighborhood’s proximity to the Hudson River allowed it to rapidly industrialize into an important business and shipping center. During Prohibition, the numerous warehouses were perfect sites for bootleg distilleries and rumrunners. Several gangs sprang up and the neighborhood became a haven for organized crime. By the time Prohibition…

111 Eighth Avenue

111 Eighth Avenue | New York, NY

About the Artist: In her own words, the work of multimedia artist Kysa Johnson “explores patterns in nature that exist at the extremes of scale,” or realities “invisible to the naked eye.” Johnson’s compositions are based on visualizations of the macro- and microscopic, though their sources are not immediately apparent. What look like lush still lifes and landscapes might actually be depictions of diseases and their cures, maps of the universe, or molecular structures.

450 Park Avenue

450 Park Avenue | New York, New York

Project Brief: Art Assets will create an elegant, multi-faceted Art Program for 450 Park Avenue to establish the property as the premium office location in Manhattan. Art Assets will work with Somerset Partners LLC to integrate art and culture elements that will help lease the retail space faster, mark the new ownership of the building, and create a Sense of Place. Art and culture will be used to connect the property with the street and the neighborhood. I. Plaza: Innovative and sophisticated work will be arranged in the plaza to draw residents into the public space and create visual interest…