450 Park Avenue | New York, New York

  • Somerset Partners

Project Brief:

Art Assets will create an elegant, multi-faceted Art Program for 450 Park Avenue to establish the property as the premium office location in Manhattan. Art Assets will work with Somerset Partners LLC to integrate art and culture elements that will help lease the retail space faster, mark the new ownership of the building, and create a Sense of Place.

Art and culture will be used to connect the property with the street and the neighborhood.

I. Plaza: Innovative and sophisticated work will be arranged in the plaza to draw residents into the public space and create visual interest from 57th Street.

II. Park Avenue Meridian: An art installation in the Park Avenue Meridian will signal Somerset Partners’ intentions to contribute to the well-being of the neighborhood. Art in the meridian will also serve as a beacon to pedestrians, drawing attention and foot traffic to the property.

III. Sidewalk Bridge:  Art will be thoughtfully integrated on to the surface of the sidewalk bridge to provide an aesthetic focal point for the building while street-level construction is underway.