Barbara Koz Paley

Founder and CEO

Barbara Paley spots trends, invests early, and creates connections among seemingly disparate emerging and established asset classes.

As a connector, she amplifies investments and the expanding community in her intersecting circles.

In 1992, the real estate and Art worlds had virtually collapsed. Though times were difficult, Barbara Koz Paley saw a revolutionary opportunity to marry her experience in real estate, Fine Art, and Finance. Art Assets was the result.

Barbara’s journey began after multiple trips to Europe and Asia, as well as living and traveling in Africa. When she returned to New York City in the late 1960s, she founded Kozmopolitan Gallery, which represented prominent European Artists and was a fresh force in the international Art world for over a decade.

All her life, Barbara has been a patron of the Arts. She initiated a decade-long public Art program of sculptures woven throughout the 122 acres of Manhattan State Hospital on Ward’s Island, which was honored by the Municipal Art Society. She also curated several sculpture programs for the Public Art Fund at the 59th Street Plaza and Central Park.

In the early 1970s, SoHo was becoming the new creative destination, and Artists were moving downtown. Art and Happenings were everywhere. Barbara followed her Artists, purchased 142 Greene Street in SoHo, and hired the young Robert A. M. Stern as her architect.

As an early investor in SoHo, followed by the West Village and Brooklyn, Barbara’s properties targeted creative professionals and helped catalyze neighborhood change. In the 1980s, she founded Realty Advisory Services, a fund to buy value-added properties with the backing of pension funds and high net-worth individuals. It was not merely a financial play—she realized the value of real estate assets in creating an experience and environment for the tenant and visitor.

By 1992, the time was ripe for the creation of a new blend of Art and Real Estate: Art Assets was born.


Boston University B.S., Social Psychology and Fine Arts
Real Estate Advanced Courses at Columbia University and Harvard University


New Frontier Data Advisory Board, since 2017
MAS Board of Directors, since 2015
Floating Tower Board of Directors, since 2013
ULI/WLI Steering Committee, since 2011

Association of Real Estate Women / Co-Founder, 1978
Brooklyn Philharmonic / Board of Directors Executive Committee, 2004-2010
Central Woman’s Focus / Co-Founder, 1987
Columbia Business School, Lang Center for Entrepreneurship. Awarded their first Distinguished Mentor Award.
Council of Foreign Relations / US Foreign Policy and Women Advisory Board, 2003-2008
Eldridge Street Project / Board Member, 1989
Fellow of the Forum + Institute for Urban Design
Harvard University Real Estate Academic Initiative / SERT Council Graduate School of Design
Real Estate Academic Initiative / Program Chair, 2004; and 2005 Alumni Conference
Storefront Artists Project, Pittsfield, MA
Taubman Center for State and Local Government / Advisory Board, 1989-1996
Urban Land Institute New York / District Council Management Committee and Sponsorship Chair
Women’s Leadership Board / Co-founder, 1993-2004



Barbara Arvanitis

Art Handler

Barbara Arvanitis is one of the best art handlers in the market. She and her team perform Art Assets’ art pickup, delivery, installation, and de-installation, as part of Art Assets’ Turnkey Services. Barbara got her start in 1981 as a sales representative for Hostess cakes, later upgrading to delivering wedding cakes and other confectionary art, and finally making the switch to art handling and installation.