Water Street POPS | New York, NY

  • Water Street POPS
  • Marco Antonio Castro Cosio
  • Sharon Chen Lin
  • Katherine Behar
  • Lindsay McCord
  • Aliya Rose Bonar

Art Assets programmed a range of art performances and installations during the month of July for the Water Street Pops! Summer 2013.


Water Street POPS | Artists: Aliya Rose Bonar & Lindsey Mccord

Aliya Rose Bonar and Lindsay McCord’s PowerSuit Boutique produced custom, hand-made garments based on personal Life Consultations about dreams, passions, personal histories, bodies, and everyday life patterns. The idea was to engage with strangers about their innermost passions and dreams, and then realize those ephemeral wishes into wearable art: PowerSuits. The client wears their PowerSuit out into their everyday life, physical reminders of their biggest dreams.

On July 24 and 31, 2013, people signed up in person for a 20-minute consultation with the artists. Bonar recorded these interviews and photographed the interviewees. Over the following week, Bonar and McCord produced personalized talismans based on each interview, which were presented to the interviewees on August 7. An informal installation of the interviewees’ photographs was presented that evening, as well.

PowerSuit Boutique evolved out of a body of “PowerSuit” work Bonar developed for a year. Your “PowerSuit” is the costume your most powerful self wears, generating courage and self-confidence to pursue your passions. In previous iterations, produced at Flux Factory in February 2013 and at the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute in Summer 2012, Bonar used PowerSuits as a concept to guide a group through realizing their own passions and steps needed to carry them out. Participants engaged in a set of facilitated curriculum with an emphasis is on the group experience and not the physical product.

Visit the artist’s website: Aliyah Rose Bonar


Water Street POPS | Artist: Katherine Behar

Katherine Behar is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York, whose videos, performances, and interactive installations explore issues in contemporary digital culture. Katherine’s work appears at festivals, galleries, performance spaces, screenings, and art centers worldwide, in Dresden, Amsterdam, Moscow, Leeds, Rome, Poznan, Mooste, Cluj-Napoca, New York City, Chicago, Miami, and numerous other cities throughout the U.S., and is held in private collections. She is Assistant Professor of New Media at Baruch College.

Created for Water Street POPS, Katherine Behar’s Street.s/wall.ing/in is a site-specific performance about architectural memory and traumas in the urban environment. Dancers inhabited colored shapes derived from transient urban architectural forms, animating and exploring the exterior of 32 Old Slip in Manhattan’s Wall Street neighborhood. Street.s/wall.ing/in was performed on August 16, 2013. The project was supported by a residency at LaunchPad in Brooklyn.

Visit the artist’s website: Katherine Behar


Water Street POPS | Artist: Sharon Chen Lin

A return to a time before phones and internet. How do people meet and maintain friendships? A space for fun and meeting in a public square.


Water Street POPS | Artist: Marco Antonio Castro Cosio

Bus Roots is a bus with a produce garden on its roof. Using plants in a practical and playful way, it explores the sensory intersection of nature, food, and urban landscapes, and questions how we can redesign our collective relationship to natural systems. Bus Roots aims to reclaim unused space, increase both the quality of life and the amount of green spaces in the city, and generate a new traveling botanical history.

Marco Castro is an artist, curator, and designer of cultural experiences. He combines his experience in art, technology, and design to explore healthy lifestyles and sustainable technologies, and has partnered on many projects to revitalize communities and encourage collaboration.

His previous projects have used art programs to revitalize city neighborhoods, bringing immigrant communities together and using innovative digital tools to advance new ways of seeing the world.

Since 2011, Marco Castro has taught workshops at the Queens Museum of Art with a focus on planning and creating interactive projects and prototyping, which culminated in a mobile application for the Museum. Castro holds a master’s in Interactive Telecommunications from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Visit the artist’s website: Marco Antonio Castro Cosio