The Palladium at CityPlace | West Palm Beach, FL

  • The Palladium Company
  • Cadence Giersbach

Project Brief

Conceive a public space master plan to integrate art and art-related programming into CityPlace and thereby create a sense of place. Art then becomes an integral part of the project and serves as a basis for building the CityPlace brand.

About the Artist

Art Assets selected New York artist Cadence Giersbach for a commissioned outdoor mural at CityPlace, West Palm Beach. The artwork, entitled Garden Reverie, consists of four 5′ x 7′ panels made of hand-cut ceramic tiles. The use of ceramic was especially appealing because of its easy installation and maintenance-free aspect.

The work addresses CityPlace’s Venetian-inspired mosaic facades and is site-specific to challenge the ideas of pictorial space and location. Giersbach’s aim is to transpose real-life situations in physical settings to contrast nature and culture. Her imagery is usually derived from historical homes, formal gardens, and landscapes.

Giersbach explores the dynamic interplay of culture and nature and the tensions inherent in manufactured and wild spaces. The work begins from photographs taken by the artist that are digitally enhanced to convey a vision of a place where nature and artifice merge, and where distinctions between abstraction and realism, the factual and the fantastic, are blurred. This imagery is the inspiration for the final images in the vivid mosaic panels that ultimately contrast modern digitized technology with traditional neo-Renaissance garden motifs.