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  • Cassidy Turley / AEW
  • Peter Ruprecht

In Between Moments
Photographs by Peter Ruprecht

I have traveled around the globe chasing light with camera and lens in hand, often with specific photographic goals of capturing particular images or moments. However, some of my favorite works have come from the moments that were not premeditated.

The images from Lake Powell were captured during a dinner from which I excused myself when I saw a storm rolling in. Originally, I was there to shoot the Antelope Canyons, but the unplanned shots during dinner stole the show.

The photographs of the frozen scenery on Lake Champlain were taken while I was walking my brother’s dog in Burlington, Vermont. I happened to have a camera with me when the sky and ice created a fantastic arctic-like colorscape.

The skies in the Bahamas were photographed from a boat on a morning when I awoke earlier than my traveling companions.

All of my travels have taught me one major lesson: Keep your camera on hand. More often than not, the moments in between the “assignment moments” often produce the most compelling images.

I hope you enjoy this small collection of some of my in between moments.

– Peter Ruprecht