1140 Avenue of the Americas | New York, NY

  • Equity Office
  • Martha Skou
  • Loui Foo

This site-specific installation, titled Chopin Reflections, is built with thousands of tiny wooden cubes affixed to a canvas, with each cube representing a piece of sound information. The arrangement of the wooden blocks comes from sections of classical compositions that are notated with a note vs. time logic. The composition has been further deconstructed through vertical and horizontal mirroring.

Chopin Reflections is one piece from a body of work entitled Format No 1 that explores a new format and consists of a series of installations, a limited edition print, and a software application. The software consists of a free mobile app (also titled Format No 1) that translates the visual elements to sound as viewers pass their phone across the work.

The Artists intend for this new work to visually reflect a language of sound and aesthetically communicate complex information in a state of tranquility.

About the Artists

Louise Foo and Martha Skou were both born in Denmark in 1982 and split their time between Copenhagen and New York City. Foo has studied at Funen Art Academy in Denmark, followed by a master’s degree in Creative Use of New Media Technologies from New York University. Skou holds a master’s degree in Visual Communication from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

In Louise Foo and Martha Skou’s collaborative practice, they share the urge to explore and further understand the physics and systems of sound. Working with installations, visual design, and experimental software, they communicate the magic they find in their research through the creation of experiences. Foo and Skou completed a 6-month fellowship at the New York Art Residency and Studio Foundation, followed by a residency in the Fall of 2015 at Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation in Red Hook, Brooklyn, founded by Dustin Yelling.