Susan Weinthaler’s MIX!

What is colorful, wooden and magnetic all over? The newest piece of art in our office collection!

MIX! is a beautiful example of Susan Weinthaler’s BITS series.  Susan is an incredibly talented New York artist whose work we have placed with multiple clients, including Moelis & Company and Related Companies.

So what are BITS?  According to Susan:  “A single Bit is a unique object that I create within very simple parameters. Each one is 2”x2”, either square or round in format, and is outfitted with a magnet on the back… The idea is that it’s a flexible system for manipulating artistic information in a very concrete and physical way. Magnets offer the perfect mounting system for infinite possible configurations when placed en masse on a steel canvas.”

Bits are not meant to be static, they are meant to be perpetually deconstructed and reconstructed. It’s the whole point.

Hmmm, so she wants us to play with the art?

If you feel the need to deconstruct and reconstruct, too, you can see her work at The Invisible Dog Open Studios on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10.

photo 1