120 West 45th Street

120 West 45th Street | New York, NY

Project Brief Art Assets will curate a program of rotating art installations for SL Green’s renovated lobby at 120 West 45th Street. The program will activate the new space, inspire dialogue among visitors, and work in concert with the architectural design. About the Artist Anton Perich was instrumental in launching the digital art movement, designing and building a revolutionary electronic painting machine that executed huge canvases line by line, predating the inkjet printer and pioneering a new form of electronic art.  

600 Lexington Avenue

600 Lexington Avenue | New York, NY

About the Artist Nicola Bolla was born in Saluzzo, Italy in 1962 and currently lives and works in Torino. He  is a medical eye doctor who divides his time between his two passions: art and medicine. These passions are linked in his desire to create objects of tremendous beauty that give pleasure to the mind and senses. Bolla is both a painter and a sculptor. His paintings portray animals and human figures painted with pigment and glitter against a flat background, usually dominated by one color. Transporting us from reality into a world of fantasy, he reminds us of our…