Case Study | Art Assets Process

The Broadway Corridor is changing below 42nd street. With outdoor seating and food trucks. As our Client Invesco is re-tenanting the building. Art Assets was hired to use art to rebrand.
Our Turnkey Services are top notch. Art Means Business. Watch how the lobby transforms from an ordinary place into an extraordinay space.

Remember Ruth Orkin’s 1951 classic photograph “American Girl in Italy.” ?

“The big debate about the picture, which everyone always wants to know, is: Was it staged? NO!” Ninalee Craig (girl in the picture) said. “No, no, no! You don’t have 15 men in a picture and take just two shots. The men were just there … The only thing that happened was that Ruth Orkin was wise enough to ask me to turn around and go back and repeat [the walk].”

Jia Jia, Creative Director for Art Assets and Fine Art photographer was taking pictures that day for our archives and noticed the tremendous attention gathered around the Art Installation. From the moment the giant crate came in all the way to unveiling the art work. “One of the tenants walked by and wanted me to take a picture in front of the work” said Jia Jia. “Stunning” said the tenant.