21 ’til 21: Street Art in Afghanistan

Proving that where there is a will, there can be art, Mountain2Mountain founder Shannon Galpin delighted an audience of over forty people with a presentation on The Streets of Afghanistan for the second program in our year long series celebrating our 21st birthday. The Streets of Afghanistan is a group exhibition of life-size photographs from Afghan and American artists that was staged in five public locations in Afghanistan, including Darulamon Palace, Barbur Gardens in Kabul, Massoud’s Tomb in Panjshir and the Kabul Zoo.

As Shannon writes,

Photography transcends language and challenges stereotypes and bringing showing this exhibition publicly in Afghanistan challenges what we think is capable in a country like this. Art has the power to inspire, to spark conversation, and to bring joy – showcasing these images in public areas where Afghans can enjoy art for art’s sake, and be proud of the beauty and spirit of their country.

Giving people the opportunity to use their voices is at the core of Shannon’s work with The Streets of Afghanistan, Combat Apathy and other initiatives.  To show our support, Art Assets created our own wishing tree in honor of Penny For Your Voice.  Learn more about the project here and see photos from the evening below.

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