21 ’til 21: Real Estate Innovation

Everyone at Art Assets is very excited for the fourth program in our 21 ’til 21 Salon Series.  On Wednesday, April 17th, we will host a panel discussion with three real estate innovators who are creating new ways to think about development and the built environment.


Riggs Kubiak Co-Founder, CEO of Honest Buildings

Riggs’s vision is for the Honest Buildings platform to accelerate the adoption of high performance buildings all over the world. He believes that data, transparency and engaged users will bring previously disconnected people together and speed innovation. Riggs has over 10 years of real estate experience including the most recent five years with commercial real estate titan Tishman Speyer. As Global Head of Sustainability, Riggs found the disaggregation of information and understanding across the industry was hurting the pace of adoption. In this problem, he saw a clear opportunity to harness the global reach of the internet to connect the ecosystem of users within the built environment. He’s most excited about having an impact and streamlining the real estate industry.

Honest Building‘s mission is to connect and empower the real estate industry to make better decisions, more efficiently.  Honest Buildings is a centralized network to showcase and discover the best building solutions and providers.  They call it “building meritocracy,” enabling a new era of idea exchange and transparency in the real estate industry.

Website: www.honestbuildings.com
Twitter: @honestbuildings


Ben Miller, Founder, Fundrise and Co-Founder, Popularise

Benjamin Miller is a founder of Fundrise and also co-founder of Popularise, a real estate crowdsourcing website. With 15 years of experience in real estate and finance, Ben has acquired, developed, and financed more than $500,000,000 of property in his time as Managing Partner of WestMill Capital Partners and President of Western Development Corporation. Ben also started US Nordic Ventures, a cross-Atlantic private equity and operating company. Ben has worked as an analyst for Lubert-Adler, a private equity real estate fund. Ben was part of the founding staff of Democracy Alliance, a progressive investment collaborative. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Fundrise is the leading investment platform for commercial real estate. Operating in the top major metropolitan markets, Fundrise gives individuals the ability to invest directly in local properties without the unnecessary fees and middlemen of conventional real estate equity finance. With Fundrise, people now have the power to earn financial returns while building the city they want to live in.

Website: Fundrise
Twitter: @fundrise

Popularise is the online platform that shares the power to build new places in your neighborhood with local residents like you.  How often have you thought, “Why doesn’t someone turn that vacant building down the street into a bakery, bar, or restaurant?” Now you have the ability to be directly involved in transforming your neighborhood, rather than waiting for someone else to do it.  By joining other people in your area on Popularise, you can create the kind of cool, authentic places you want in your neighborhood. Submit your own ideas, and vote for what to build on projects posted by real estate developers and local business operators.

Website: Popularise
Twitter: @popularise


Dave Eisenberg Co-Founder, CEO Founder, Floored

Dave entered the corporate world at Bain and soon joined the startup world as Bonobos’s first hire. Years later, he flew westward to build the next great retail data platform at TellApart. In 2012, Dave founded Floored while an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Accel Partners. He has a BA from Harvard, which he uses to handle business stuff and fetch things for Floored engineers.

Floored is new, 3D, real estate visualization platform for mobile & web. From Pando Daily, “Floored’s software also collects data, such as dimensions or window space and begins to draw insights based on that. It answers questions such as, ‘How much additional foot traffic do retail stores with five additional square feet of window space have?’ Perhaps most importantly, the models are viewable to real estate professionals and clients in an iPad app.”

Website: www.floored.com
Twitter: @floored3D


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